Our founder late “Shri Valchandji M. Jain” established “Madras Jewellers“in 1960.at Dharavi, Mumbai, India, later in 1975 madras jewellers became “New Madras Jewellers “popularly known, a landmark in Dharavi. Since than NMJ was read as a synonym to quality, trust, good designs, warm service and became a one stop shop for jewellery shopping with 100% personal guidance, advice and touch. Customers are more comfortable and shares their feeling about the product ,services and even their review with open heart feeling.

Our clients are proud of we being the 1st hallmark showroom of bureau of Indian standard [BIS] in dharavi. We are proud of our in house craftsman [achary] in our workshop, who beautifully create the jewellery with 100% confidence and make us proud.

We also are connected with finance against gold [gold loan] business, which always connect us deeply with our valuable customers whenever they are in need of money. As they can trust us fully ,as we have made that jewellery only, and also with lowest interest rate.

We are always thankful to our customers for their love, trust, in us with 100% confidence message of our founder “business was necessary to create job opportunities and make India self dependant, our customer’s comfort and convenience is noble to us”.


Our aim to be in the mind and heart of all our valuable customers whenever they think of gold , diamonds, investments, future saving, also in need of money.. Only name came in their mind...


The cycle should go on and on with everyday all my associate like our goldsmith [achary], supplier, creditors, debtors, employers, security persons, bankers, etc.. with everyday my customer’s health, wealth increase and all achieve their goals with others happiness.

“Let all grow together with each other’s support”