On the 10th of September 1960 , Mr. Valchand M. Jain (Father of Mr. Babulal V. Jain and Grandfather of Suresh ,Mahendra and Gautam) established our very own jewelry boutique. Initially we operated on a very small scale under the name of “Madras Jewellers”.

Eventually by God’s grace and your enduring positive response and support we went on to become a renowned and esteemed jewellery brand in Dharavi(Mini-Madras).Finally, in June 1975 we successfully acquired a gold license and re-branded ourselves by adding the lucky word “New” to our previous name.

Since then we have continued to strive for success under the name of “New Madras Jewellers”. On the 10th of September 2010, we achieved a Golden Jubilee by completing 50 years of establishment, which we celebrated with great joy by hosting a grand lucky draw event at Shri Manav Seva Sangh(Sion) where we expressed our gratitude to all our valuable customers. We have now completed our Diamond Jubilee too, and with your support we aspire to keep achieving such milestones in the future.


Our aim to be in the mind and heart of all our valuable customers whenever they think of gold , diamonds, investments, future saving, also in need of money.. Only name came in their mind...


The cycle should go on and on with everyday all my associate like our goldsmith [achary], supplier, creditors, debtors, employers, security persons, bankers, etc.. with everyday my customer’s health, wealth increase and all achieve their goals with others happiness.

“Let all grow together with each other’s support”